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Prince Randy K. A. S - The Black Lion

Prince Randy K. A. S - The Black Lion

Prince Randy Koussou Alam-Sogan Tribal Prince of Dahomey (Benin, West Africa) Entrepreneur, Engineer, Programme Director, Consultant, CEO, Child of the Universe.

Tags :  Benin, Renaissance, Africa, Power, Development, Ecology, Investment, Dahomey, Hathor, Vodoun, West Africa, Black lion, Randy alam-sogan, Pharaos, Prince randy, Solar energy, King Ramese Bloodline, Golden century, Prince of Paris, Eccentric, African Billionaire, Heptagon, Club fuzion, Randy koussou alam-sogan

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Prince Randy k.A.S. - Black Lion Overblog

Créé le 25/05/2011

"Don't just wait for Change, Engineer it" - Prince Randy K.A.S

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The Future of Africa

by Prince Randy Alam-Sogan on Wednesday, 11 May 2011 at 16:17 At independence, African hopes for self-determination were brimming over. It was a time of great expectations and excitement for young…

Growing demand for SA’s agricultural skills

Nigeria, Sierra Leone latest countries with plans to recruit SA farmers, writes Loyiso Langeni Business Day - South Africa Published: 2011/05/26 07:00:43 AM SA’s commercial agricultural skills are a…

Economic Diversification in Africa: A review of selected countries

The global financial and economic crisis has revealed Africa’s vulnerability to external economic shocks. Largely dependent on the export of commodities, many of the continent’s economies suffered…

My Vision 2025: Eccentric World (The Tears of Joy Project)

My True Destiny In July 2010, on my Birthday, I had an inner experience/revelation that has changed my vision and understanding of my purpose in life completely. I spent an entire sleepless night…

The Original African Civilization vs the Original European Civilization

Cultural unity of African peoples as part of a southern cradle Diop attempted to demonstrate that the African peoples shared certain commonalities, including language roots and other cultural…

The Collapsing Western Way of Life

The greatest threat to the Western Way of Life is the Western Way of Life itself. The Age of Enlightenment was born sometime around the beginning of the eighteenth century. A mere three-quarters of a…

The Wonders of The African Civilization (Part 8): The Woman's Right

The concept of a family with a father, mother, and child (or patriarchy), is unfortunately not a true picture of the original family. The first type of family was matriarchal since the role of the…

I came back home (Je suis revenu a la maison)

[This Poem was written by Sagbadju Glele, only surviving Son of King Glele and brother of King Behanzin, in 1974] ............................... I came back home They said I should go away And I…

Notable Women: Speeches - Africa Leadership Forum

Africa Women’s Forum Third International Conference on "Women and Conflict Management in Africa" Keynote speech by Angela E.V. King Assistant Secretary-General Special Adviser on Gender Issues and…

The Wonders of The African Civilization (Part 6): African Religion is a Science

Worldwide Recession, Global Warming, Wars, Hunger...Would the Planet be in such a Mess if Women were in Charge? The Mother Right The concept of a family with a father, mother, and child (or…