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Tokyo European Divers

Tokyo European Divers

French instructor in Tokyo

Les communautés de Tokyo European Divers :  Tout sur le Japon

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Tokyo European Divers

Créé le 21/05/2007

Sharing our passion for the underwater environment amongst the European community in Tokyo. Non-profit private circle.

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Articles à découvrir

A bit of Sadogashima... Going this October !

Copyright : Sadodiving Center Watch in HD!

Cmas / fsgt plongeur nitrox confirmé [April 20-21 2013]

La formation Nitrox Confirmé est une des formations les plus enrichissantes, elle permet d'approfondir ses competences de planification, et aussi un premier un premier niveau vers la plongée "tek".…

Dry-suit sp in Osezaki [March 30th 2013]

In March, dry suits are still recommended. To start the season, TED will offer a Dry-suit training to its members. The training will consist of 2 open-water dive and an orientation class. Just pay…

Ted divemaster internship 2013

Tokyo European Divers' DIVEMASTER INTERNSHIP 2013 starts this May (Golden Week) with pool sessions and will continue over the summer with practical applications and workshops. A minimum of 8…

PADI Enriched Air Diver Speciality [Feb 16, 2013]

We will be having a EAN SP course on Feb 16th in Yoyogi. Deadline for registration is February 6th. Practical Application 1 & 2 + Exam (75%) Manual & Tables to be provided beforehand (JP or English)…

Ted bonenkai in Kumomi [Dec 15-16 2012]

As every year our Bonenkai will be in Kumomi. Please lock your agenda for a wonderful diving week-end in the breath-taking scenery of Kumomi! Departure: 5:45am Sat. Dec. 15th 2012 (Shinjuku Nishi…

Padi deep sp / cmas 2 stars [December 8-9 2012]

We will be having a Deep SP Course on December 2012 in Osezaki OSPER. Total of 4 deep dives over the week-end. Deadline for registration is November 23rd Prerequisites : Adventure level or equivalent…

Hasama [Saturday October 20th 2012]

Water temperature is 24degree ! Early departure (before 7:00 am) from Shibuya Station. - 2h drive via the Tokyo Aqualine. - 3 boat dives, at least one of those in the "Jimbei Zame" area. - Drive back…

Shikinejima [October 26-28]

Dear TED divers, I am planning diving trip to Shikinejima which is one of Izu islands. Date: 26th Oct ( Depart from Tokyo at 10pm) - 28th Oct Budget: 30000 - 60000 yen depending on your diving plan…